MICAT 2 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers
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MICAT-2 2017 Memory based Questions and Answers

MICAT-2 2017 General Awareness Memory based Questions and Answers

1) m-pesa was originated from which country?
Ans: Kenya

2) ‘Connecting India’ is the tag line of?

3) Who won silver medal in 2016 Summer Olympics?
Ans: PV Sandhu

4) To increase domestic production what scheme is launched by India government?
Ans: Make in India

5) Think different is the tagline of?
Ans: Apple

6) Prannoyroy is associated with?

7) Twitter Seva Service is started by which ministry?
Ans: Foreign ministry

8) Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Sumitra Mahajan

9) Upper cap in FDI in telecom?
Ans: 100%

10) Which company dropped ‘Das Auto’?
Ans: Volkswagen

11) First full length feature film in India?
Ans: Raja Harishchandra

12) Which of the following is owned by Alphabet Inc.?
Ans: Google

13) Vice president of US?
Ans: Mike Pence

14) Taking India to world is the tag line of?
Ans: Aditya Birla Group

15) Who succeeded Late Jayalalita as CM of Tamilnadu?
Ans: O Pannerselvam

16) Carrier Fisher, who recently died, was a star in?
Ans: Star Wars

17) Das Auto is related to –
Ans: Volkswagen

18)     Match the following


19)   -
Ans: Freecharge

20) Match the following
Nike – Just Do It
BMW – The ultimate Driving Machine
Tesco – Every little helps
L’OREAL – Because you’re worth it

21) Game Of Thrones was streamed on –
Ans: Hotstar

22) Match the following:

BMW – Sheer driving pleasure
Fiat - Driven by passion
Mercedes – The best or nothing
Chevrolet – Find new roads

MICAT-2017 Quantitative Ability Memory based Questions and Answers

1) The uphill speed of Ajay is 2 km/h, the downhill speed is 6 km/h and the speed on flat surface is 3 km/h. It took a total of 12 hours for him to go from one point to another and to come back. What is the total distance he travelled?
Ans: 36

2) There are m balls in a box, some blue and some black. If we take out some balls randomly from the box, 99% of the first 100 are blue. Thereafter, 8 out of every 9 balls are blue. In total 90% of the balls taken out were blue then what is the minimum value of m?
Ans: 910.
3) If x4 – 83x2 + 1 = 0 where x is positive, then what is the value of  -  + ?
Ans: 682
4) g(x) = 1 – x2, f(g(x)) = , x ≠ 0, find f(1/4) = ?
Ans: 1/3

5) aN = {ax | x € N}, N is a natural number. What is 3N ᴖ 7N?
Ans: 21N

6) In a school 2/5 of the students are girls and rest are boys. 1/5 of the boys and 3/7 of the girls are sportsperson. If 496 students are not sportsperson, then what is the total number of students?
Ans: 700

7) A is inversely proportional to the product of B and C. When A = 100, B = 12 and C = 9. What is the value of A when B = 10 and C = 8.
Ans: 135.

8) Renuka bought n articles for Rs. d. She sold 2 of them at half price and rest at a profit of Rs. 8 each. The overall profit is Rs. 72. What is the minimum value of n?
Ans: 12

9) Cos Ө + Sin Ө = m, Sec Ө + Cosec Ө = n. What is n(m + 1)?
Ans: 2m/m – 1

10)  + ++…………= S, then S lies between?
Ans: 0.5 and 1

11)  = w + , w, x and y are natural numbers. Find x + 2y – 3w.
Ans: -2

12) ½ + 1/5 + 1/8 + 1/11 + 1/20 + 1/41 + 1/110 + 1/1640 lies between.
Ans: 0.8 and 1.2

13) Find the shaded area if the length and breadth of the rectangles are 7 and 3 units respectively.
Ans: 12 and 3/7



14) x = (1/2 + 1/3 + …….. 1/2009)(1 + ½ + 1/3 + ……1/2008)
Y = (1 + ½ + 1/3 + …….. 1/2009)(1/2 + 1/3 + ……. 1/ 2008). Find x – y.
Ans: 1/2009

15) Ratio of the income of A and B is 2 : 1, ratio of their expenditures is 5 : 3 and the ratio of their savings is 4 : 1. A saves 3000 more than B. Income of A is how much more than that of B?
Ans : 7000

16) A and B are two sets having m and n elements respectively. Total number of subsets of A are 112 more than the subsets of B. What is m – n?
Ans : 3

17) Price of a pen is 2.5 times of a pencil. Ajay purchased 6 pens and x pencils. While making the bill, the shopkeeper interchanged the number of pens and pencils by mistake and hence the bill increased by 45%. What is x?
Ans: 15

18) a and b are the roots of x2 – x – 1 = 0. Find the value of (a4 + 3b)-1.
Ans: 1/5

19) Speed of a river is 1/3rd the speed of boat in still water. The boat travels for 2 hours downstream and then turns back and travels for another 2 hours upstream. It was still 16 km away from the initial point. What is the speed of the boat?
Ans: 12 km/h

20 to 22) Following charts show the Exports (in billion Rs.) of a company in different months along with the percentage share in different sectors.

20) What is the average exports of garments?
Ans: 13.95

21) What is the ratio of textile exports of July, September and November combined and Garments exports of August, October and December combined?
Ans: 12 : 13

22) Leather and others exports of November are what % more than Jewellery and Textiles of October?
Ans: 62.86%

23 to 25) The following chart shows the actual and Target cement production (in lakhs) of a company.

23) In how many years the actual production was more than the average target production?
Ans: 4

24) Actual production of 2010, 2012 and 2014 combined is what % less than the Target production of 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 combined?
Ans: 41.18%

25) Target production of which 2 years is 40% of total actual production?
Ans: 2011 and 2014

MICAT-2017 English Memory based Questions and Answers

1. In the jungle, the movements of a snake or a wild animal are very difficult to detect until you are very quiet.
Ans: until is incorrect; the correct word is unless

2. Although he is eager to join the new company he will be getting a better salary in the present company.
Ans: is getting a

3. Hardly have I finished reading when my sister snatched…
Ans: Hardly had I finished

4. The volcano remains quiescent after eruption.
Ans: dormant

5. You need to ________ this paragraph to make the essay more _______.
Ans: delete, succinct

6. The market went into ________ after news of the bank _____.
Ans: turmoil, scam

7. Although it is foolish to vent your anger on an _______ object, you make ____ enemies if you do so.
Ans: inanimate, no

8. If you look ______ youcan pay only _______ attention to details
Ans: cursorily, scant

9. I decided I needed a break from his incessant demands…
Ans: non-stop

10. In the views of the extremely cold weather the district administration is considering changingthe timings of school
Ans: ‘in the views of’ is incorrect

11. The child began to prattle incoherently…
Ans: jabber

12. I am accustomed to the vicissitudes of life and have… the pleasures and weaknesses.
Ans: ebbs and flows

13. After a great deal of discussion,it was decided that the members of the society will have met the following Sunday.
Ans: ‘will have met’ is incorrect

14. A sagacious person ….goes far in life.
Ans: wise

15. In our region rice grows in _______but there is _______of fruit.
Ans: abundance, paucity

16. Match the following
Harks-pay attention
Outcrop- protuberance