MICAT 2 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis    MICAT 2017 Memory Based Q&A    MICAT-2 2017 Exam Analysis    MICAT-2 2017 Memory Based Q&A

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MICAT-2 2017 Exam Analysis

The second round of MICAT is over and whilemost of the questions were on expected lines there were surprises in store as well-some of the questions in Quantitative section were true bouncers! As close to 10% people will be selected for the next round we expect an overall cutoff of 56-58.

The sectional cutoff looks to be in the vicinity of the following:

Sections Sectional Cutoff
A- Divergent-Convergent Reasoning 9-10
B - General awareness 8-9
C- Verbal ability 15-16
D- Quantitative ability 5-6
Overall 56-58
Descriptive test
As expected this test had 4 questions. The first three questions were related to the topic" Public opinion is vital for public policy."Test takers also had to create a story based on 4given pictures. Time management was, once again, a challenge on this section and finishing the test was an uphill task. The DT will be evaluated only for those candidates who clear Sectional Cutoffs in each of QA, VA, GA and DCR. The tasks:

1. 3 points in favour of the topic,
2. 3 points against it, and
3. a conclusion inapproximately 200 words expressing a clear stand –a neutral opinion was not accepted.
4. The final task was a story that had to be written in around 300 words. The sequence in which the pictures were used in the story had to be given.

Pictures given were:

A.A  traffic jam

Image result for a traffic jam
B. A woman and child on a beach
Image result for a mother and child on a playing beach evening getty images
C. A spiral staircase
Related image
D. A mountain view

Psychometric test:
36 questions had to be done in 25 minutes.  As with MICAT 1 all 36 questions had to be attempted. If you have missed even a single question -you have missed a shot at MICA in 2017. The questions were similar to those in MICAT 1 and once again time management was critical as there were 10 questions which expected you to arrange your 6 preferences.

Multiple choice test:
This is the only section of MICAT with negative marking and hence one had to be careful in answering the questions.  In divergent convergent thinking, the difficulty level of questions was on the lines of MICAT I. While the non-verbal reasoning questions were easier, some of the other reasoning questions were tougher and the overall mix of easy-medium-hard questions remained the same. Quantitative Ability was the toughest section of this exam. Out of 19 questions of Quant, 8 were from Arithmetic and 7 were of Algebra. Almost all the questions of Algebra were difficult. Most of the general awareness questions were from advertising &branding, and current affairs. The Reading passage was an excerpt from an Amitav Ghosh book, and majority of the questions were fairly easy with one vocabulary question from the passage.Other verbal questions were not too difficult with just a couple of words such as ‘sagacious’ and ‘protuberance’ that required vocab preparation for the exam. One grammar question expected test takers to know ‘inversion of verb’ rules.  See the memory based questions given on the edmyt website to get an idea of the questions or check your answers!
Overall Breakup

  Sections Time allotted
Part 1 Descriptive Test 35 Min
Part 2 Psychometric 25Min
Part 3 A- Divergent-Convergent Reasoning   1Hr 45 Min
B - General awareness
C- Verbal ability
D- Quantitative ability
Sectional Breakup

Quantitative Ability
Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Arithmetic 8 Moderate – Tough
Numbers 1 Tough
Algebra 6 Moderate – Tough
Geometry 1 Easy
Trigonometry 1 Easy
Set Theory 2 Moderate
DI 2 sets of 3 questions each Easy
Total 25 Moderate - Tough

Divergent-Convergent Reasoning
Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Clue based 15 Moderate – tough
Assumptions 4 Moderate
Logic based Data Sufficiency 4 Moderate
Visual Reasoning 4 Easy – Moderate
Total 30 Moderate – Tough

Verbal ability
Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Para Jumbles 4 Easy
Reading Comprehension 5 (1 RC) Easy
Vocab Based 8-9 Easy-Moderate
Grammar 8-9 Mostly easy
Total 25 Easy
  All the Best!!!